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Lost Love

Last night I lost a love,

Though parting we never knew.

It died behind lying eyes,

As it once blossomed from parting thighs.

Some day we’ll love again I’m reassured,

Maybe with smaller hearts .

Lessons learned, inferred,

Hearts aren’t  smarts.

But we love them just the same.

If we let them run the show,

we don’t know where it’s gonna go.

copyright James Lumpkin 10-8-2014 arealniceguy

Dream, poem

The Crystal Forest of Calay

Dreaming as I sleep,
my minds at rest I think.
I can hear not a peep.
as thoughts leave, I sink,
into darkness,
All around.

Suddenly I see,
something that amazes me.

Shimmering lights
me to explore.

I find a forest,
but not a forest of trees I know.
these are all aglow.

The leaves,
of the trees,
just so.

In greens, yellows and blues,
and many other hues,

Not so bright as to make the night turn to day.
It’s hard to describe in any way.

The trunks also glow, but more muted
in browns and tans and reddish colors
as tree trunks those are suited.

It is as if the trees were made of precious gems.
But what makes them glow,

As more people around me show,
The trees seem to glow,
even more.

Could it be….
We make the gems
get bright?
With thoughts sent light?

Maybe the trees are made of glass,
or nothing at all?
Could imagination
be the key,
that lights every tree.

I sense thoughts of wonder as I go around
It is like I’m all alone
with a million others also there,
but from where?

Off in the distance I note
a beautiful woman dressed in
Luminescent white.

Everyone passes by,
thinking she’s a beggar I guess.
I need to lead the way I think,
trying not to blink.

As near her visage a glowing gem is in my hand,
It glows with love I see.
not the love that lovers know.
Love that means, friends we’ll ever be.

Before I can talk,
she disappears.

all alone I continue to walk.

But no, I’m not alone,
any more.
I’m all aglow,
and others know.

I hear loud and clear.
As ye reap, so ye sow.

As I turn the forest disappears in the distance.
But my gem is shining bright.
She’ll wait for more leaders to find their light,
later on tonight.

Millions of souls pass her way.
but not all get a light,
Maybe later if they live life right.

Written by James Lumpkin

Ocean Cruise, poem, relationship, Romance

Midnight Sea

On the stern I look
The midnight sky
is near
The star filled sky
Reflects in Iridescent gentle waves
Out here
is heavens daughter.

Propellers turning water frothy white
Whirring through the night.

Moon sends romantic rays.
As couples kiss
In starry bliss.
New loves will blaze.

When sunrise comes in sight
A different world will see the light.
New and bright.
A world only lovers know,
Happiness follows wherever they go.

James Lumpkin

poem, relationship

The Devil is lust in the details.

Two lost in love,
Or maybe
Just lust in love.

The Devil is in the detail.
Would ‘The Devil’ be,
Less pointless with no tail

It’s horns still sharp you see.
But that’s another tale.
Of love gone lustfully
And love fully astray.

Come back with my tail!
Or not live to tell the tale.
Of love on angels wings
The Devil sings.

As lovers soar
With it’s tail
To heavens door.

Then dip,
A dragon’s end
Another tail
The Devil’s own
On loan
Sails up once more.
Sales up once more.

Soul for me
And won for ye.

Love lost in lust.
So unjust.

Barry Sekon copyrighted February 2014

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How dogs help us.

I have had cats and dogs in my family and I love them both as pets. But… they are much more than pets. Cats can be great at helping you but this post is about dogs helping us so I might recommend that you do not let your cat read this blog. Cats do have claws you know.

I’ve heard about studies that have shown people with dogs in their family live longer. I can understand why. Dogs usually need to be walked if you live in an urban setting. That means exercise both for your dog and you. Dogs are social and help you be more social too. They are also great attitude changers. Who can be unhappy playing ‘toss ball’ or ‘grab my toy’ with their best friend. Scratch my tummy seems to calm everyone but I still have not figured out why they love it so much.

An unused lap is always taken as an invite for them to lay down on or in my case for our 90 lb gentle giant to lay on. I don’t know who gets relaxed more them or me.

When you’ve had a long hard day and come home, who gives you the best ‘I’m sure happy to see you.’ greeting. Now that is a real attitude changer right there.

What a doorbell they make too. They even start barking before your visitor gets to the door. Our Mastiff boxer mix got frigidity and started sitting at the door as soon as I got off the bus a block away no matter what time I arrived.

Guys and gals who are searching for that special someone take note, your four legged friend will be glad to help you meet new friends who have at least one interest you have. They are great conversation starters.

They also teach us responsibility. You can’t go on vacation with out making sure they are going to be cared for or you take them along and get more fun too.

I have a friend who is bipolar and her dogs have pulled her out of depression many times.

Many of our nations veterans depend on dogs to assist them in their daily lives in ways even a human caregiver could not do.

Our dog friends are true friends, part of our family, caregivers, life changers and full of TLC only they can give.

Excuse me while I do quality time with my best friend.

This is a post I made a while back But my Blog had to be reset So I am posting it.

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Her life is smoke and mirrors.
Empty boxes in the fridge,
Give food for thought,
or naught.

Dishes in the sink,
Food for roaches you’d think
“They only come out a night.”
Who’d know that’s right.

Lies piled upon lays
You never know her ways.
Nor she
The whys not wise.
she sighs.

Her laughter from a bottle
behind a mask of hate.
You, well you, don’t rate.
Move, there/s nothing to see here
Don’t dottle.

Days come and go,
Dog daze ohhh so sloooow.

Listening to the beat of a
distant Drummer.
a different drummer
just the same.

Those beautiful eyes
do hypnotize,
Forget me not

By Barry Sekon